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Plakanina wrote:

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One thing I do is to shoot with the DNG option for my RAW files ( option in camera ).

This allows for the color information to be embedded in the DNG and LR can read that.

Then LR can be configured ( preset you save to yourself ) to import files with the embedded color info ( vs the standard LR profile ). You do it once and then all your imported files are done with the Pentax color profile.

Hope this makes sense to you and helps...

I've always just let Lightroom do it's thing when I import the DNGs. How do I set the Pentax embedded profile?

Here is how to do it:

1 - use DNG in the file format in your camera ( it doesn't work with PEF )

2 - take a pic and import to LR

3- go to the calibration tab ( bottom right of your screen ). click on the rolling menu to see all options ( including adobe standard, etc...). Select 'Embedded'. That's the Pentax profile included in your DNG file.

4- go to upper menus and select Develop > New preset. Save under a name of your choice.

5- Still under Develop, select default settings. Select the preset you just created in the box asking for preset to apply on import.

Et voilà!

If you shoot DNG as I do, all your pics imported to LR will have the embedded Pentax color profile applied on import.


Sorry to ask a newbie question...

Which colour profile is the "best" to use? I shoot RAW DNG and till I read your post, thousands of my photos have used the Adobe Colour profile. I would assume using the Pentax colour profile is best? More true to life/colour rendering of the camera + lens? Switch colour profiles between Adobe and Embedded I do see subtle changes in the way the images are rendered.



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