Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

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Re: re: any tips HOW to muffle a shutter sound?

jpr2 wrote:

in theatrical environment, a loud shutter is a particular bane, and neither Nex'en nor A7s are of particularly silent kin


A7 in particular is a WONDERFUL concert camera...but that does not need to be quiet (unlike theatre)....great for pub rock gigs in low light especially.

I have done hundreds of concerts and only a couple of theatre shows (film was the last one I think??).

Seated concerts with an older audience of course can be treated almost the same as theatre but you especially have to be mindful of the paying public in a theatre show.

For amateur use for either Theatre or concert, get the longest fastest lens you can (manual focus is fine and can save some money).    Also get a shorter faster lens for up front and wide crowd shots.

And for NOT forget the earplugs.

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