Going on a big trip, looking for backup storage options

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Re: Upload to Gdocs, Dropbox, or iDrive?

PeterK wrote:

Lots of memory cards, of course.

But what about uploading them from your iPad to Gdocs or Dropbox? They've got all the built in redundancy you can hope for, in case of loss/theft?

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The OP didn't say exactly where he is going, but he did say he would be in 8 cities. Your idea works if he can find a fast enough connection.

However, last summer we went to Alaska. Never had a fast connection the entire trip and went for as long as a week at a time with NO connection. Plus, shooting a D800 with 40mb raw files and often taking several hundred shots a day uploads just weren't an option. One of our next trips is to Africa and I imagine it has similar limitations.

Cards are probably the cheapest option for plain storage. I personally think it is nice to be able to download and preview photos some evenings. If I think I got something really special I just can't wait to see it on a bigger screen.

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