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VisionLight wrote:

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on some very beautiful portraits of your granddaughters. As a photographer who from time to time also uses my SX50 for studio portraiture, I can appreciate your work.

What I like about the SX50 is that when using my full frame Canon dSLR, I can easily transfer the ST-E2 slave between cameras and use the same lighting set-up (2x 580 and 1x 430, with or without softboxes). I find the SX50 to give very pleasing results, both in skin tones and skin texture, at the 14mm to 18mm focal length (85mm to 100mm full frame) for "formal" portraiture.

I'm interested in your set-up. What lights did you use and how did you fire them?

Again, nice work.


Hi Ed, thanks for your feedback.

The shots were taken with a Neewer tt560 on the left slightly in front and aimed at the backdrop, and a Yonguo 565ex with a diy dome diffuser front and right also aimed at the backdrop. Both were manually set at about 1/4 power and fired optically from the on-camera flash set at minimum to try and avoid too much front fill. Some grey areas and wrinkles were brushed out in lightroom, and some cleanup work on Kodies socks, dirty from running around the house and garden! Processing topped of with NR/Sharpening and some eye clarity.

My first real attempt at high key portraiture, and a few lessons learned in the process


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