Advice for portrait lenses

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Re: Advice for portrait lenses

One important issue in choosing a lens is your personal shooting style and the specific type of portraiture you plan to do.

For example, do you regularly use multiple light setups or only available light or available light with fill-in flash, etc, etc? Do you prefer more formal "posed" portraits or more spontaneous shots? Will you use a tripod or hand held in poor light? Do you do shoot indoors or outside? What about sunset / twilight portraiture? Is it only one person or larger groups?

How you like to / plan to shoot, where you shoot and specifically what you shoot has a huge bearing on your lens selection and is often far more important than splitting hairs in esoteric lens performance analysis. For "portraiture" I can use at least 6 or more lenses, often more than 4 in a single shoot.

There is no single "best" portrait lens, but there is a best lens that will overall work best for you and to find that you need to understand what, where, when, how, why and who (thanks, R. Kipling :-D) you plan to shoot.

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