Sony A7 and Sony Zeiss 24-70mm F/4 OSS (11 photos)

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Re: Sony A7 and Sony Zeiss 24-70mm F/4 OSS (11 photos)

Actually, I've shot professionally for a very long time. But good story anyway.

You also can't just talk about corner sharpness, or noise all the time either. There's a balance to be struck for sure.

I do notice you seem to have a major stiffy for posts on the 24-70 though.  Seems like it wronged-you in a former life.

Stu 5 wrote:

Kerpal wrote:

I am guessing these are jpegs looking at the loss of fine detail and over sharpening? Some also seem very noisy as well considering they are shot at 200iso. You can see the soft edges with the lens at the wide end. Colours and DR are good.

Yet, your photos with a corner-sharp lens and less noise will still never look as good as these. Go figure eh?

Sorry, didn't intend to come off harsh. I just get tired of the techno talk. People can't see the photography through the pixels.

Sorry but it is not techno talk and perhaps you would know that if you did photography for a living rather than a hobby. The artistic qualities are a separate subject and it is possible to get both right at the same time. You cannot just use the 'People can't see the photography through the pixels' as an excuse all the time.

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