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You can't go wrong with either, but I might lean towards the 242 - it has a 16:10 aspect ratio that is better for viewing photos than the 272 which has a 16:9 ratio (more widescreen). My 26" 2690 was 16:10 and it had a bigger image area for typical photo crop ratios than my 271 (16:9) did. The 272 does have a smaller pixel pitch and more resolution, though. Go for the spectraview if you can swing it - it makes color calibration effortless - I just calibrated my 302 and it came back with a delta E of 0.24! Awesome displays!

As suggested above, can I dowload spectraview for free if I have the hardware? X-rite I1 pro is $235. But I can get it for below $200 from amazon. Then I can dowload spectraview for NEC. The advantage is that I will have calibration tool for other monitor too. Did I get something wrong here?

Keep in mind that if you go with NEC, the PA Series displays have a hardware LUT (look up table) where the calibration information is stored. As a result you MUST use the NEC Spectraview II software to calibrate those displays, as that is the only calibration software that can program the LUT in the NEC display!

With respect downloading Spectraview II for free - I TOTALLY don't condone pirating software, if that is what you mean? However, you can buy the Spectraview software for only $89 from NEC:

Also, my understanding from speaking with NEC is that the their sensor is a somewhat customized version of the X-Rite i1Display Pro sensor- but Spectraview 2 appears to support the following calibration pucks if you want something to use on other monitors too:

Great information. I didn't mean to pirate the software. I know I can download it from their site. They say original serial requires to use it. Do they mean the serial for calibration or serial for monitor itself. I will find out. Anyway above screen clearly tells us I can use xrite pro. Thanks a lot for the info.

They mean the serial number for the Spectrview II software itself - you need to enter that when you install the software.  You don't have to enter the serial number for either the monitor or the calibration device itself.

Thank you. I got a used I1 pro cheap from ebay. So it's ok to pay $85 for spectraview as I will have both softwares and will be able to calibrate any monitor. Still the total cost will be cheaper than getting sv version of the monitor :). Do you think the I1 pro will calibrate NEC? Or should I really get spectraview?
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