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Re: So... use a high speed sync flash.

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If using the flash at beyond the sync speed is a requirement there is high speed sync mode.

This may not provide a full strength flash but will provide flash with sync speeds up to 1/4000. Sony flash has this option but others do as well like the Metz 52 AF dedicated to Sony.

IMO the Metz is the best flash going currently.

Is high-speed sync available on the A7(r)?


Yes, it is. Sony's higher end flashes support it. The HVL-F20M does not, but the higher models do.

Do you know if the HVL-F20M can be used to trigger off-camera flashes using their TTL/HSS capabilities (such as the HVL-F43M)?

I know it can trigger off-camera flashes. I don't whether this would work or make sense with HSS, since it would require the 20 to not fire, or face a partially overexposed area of the image.

So, the camera mounted flash used to trigger off-camera flashes will always add to the exposure (unlike Canon, Nikon, Olympus and possibly others)?

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