Stop comparing Mirrorless to DSLRs please!

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What about mirrorless short back focus lenses vis-a-vis portability?

Dr Erebus wrote:

It all depends on understanding of a concept of "the same class" - nothing wrong with including different tools using different technologies in the same class, if their purpose in life is to do the same thing: take photos.

Cameras are categorized and scored in the conclusion section of DPReview camera reviews. I think lxcellent has an excellent point that "portability" warrants its own scoring dimension.

One could make the case that crop and full frame sensors with similar sensor design and pixel pitch should be comparable - per pixel noise, dynamic range, centre sharpness with the same lens, etc. should all be comparable. However the dpreview category "compare mode" in review conclusions does not facilitate this. Why should full frame mirrorless cameras, with lenses designed for shorter back focus, be directly compared to full frame DSLRs? Wouldn't this be similar to comparing crop and full frame sensor cameras using the same full frame lens? DPReview scoring doesn't facilitate this.

While I'm not suggesting it's unreasonable to compare a Sony Alpha 7R and Nikon D800E, they are still vastly different cameras to use. This is not proportionally reflected in the current review conclusion scoring. "Ergonomics and handling" needs to be balanced with "Portability".

The above being said, I think DPReview still has a more useful scoring and comparison system than DxOMark. For example, comparing the DxOMark "Sports (Low-Light ISO)" score between the Canon 5D Mark III (2293) and Nikon D800 (2853), one would conclude that the D800 is the significantly better low-light sports camera? Would a Nikon fan boy even agree with this conclusion?

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