Poll: How Important Is Autofocus to Your Photography?

Started Mar 16, 2014 | Polls thread
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Poll: How Important Is Autofocus to Your Photography?

In addition to auto-focus lenses for E-mount, mirror-less cameras on this forum have as perhaps their greatest versatility, trump card if you will, the ability to use with adapters almost every manual focus lens ever made.

So, on to the topic. Regarding your lens purchases or plans to purchase, how important is auto focus (AF) to your photography?

Please vote on current use of E-mount, or plans for use in the future. Feel free to post a comment on your personal history, thoughts pertaining to why and/or where you prefer manual or auto-focus.

Please feel free to add an additional comments not covered in a general poll such as, "I use auto-focus lenses, but I manually focus them in a certain situation."

I'm curious about users in this forum, in my first poll attempt. I have a guess that there are quite a few legacy lens users here that don't post often...

I use only auto focus lenses
25.3% 75  votes
I use only manual focus lenses
7.1% 21  votes
I use mostly auto focus lenses, but sometimes use manual focus lenses
41.9% 124  votes
I use mostly manual focus lenses, but sometimes use auto-focus lenses
25.7% 76  votes
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