Why is there connect.dpreview.com conent on the www.dpreview.com home page?

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Jason Rickerby Contributing Member • Posts: 712
Why is there connect.dpreview.com conent on the www.dpreview.com home page?

When visiting the DPReview front page today, the stories by category break down as:

Other news: 15
Connect: 13
Camera news: 5
Accessory news: 3
Article: 3
Review: 3
Interview: 2
Sample Gallery: 2
Lens news: 1
Comment: 1
Site news: 1
Show report: 1
Update: 1

To quote from a recent connect.dpreview.com article: "If you’ve never considered smartphones as tools for "serious" photography, I'd argue that we’re fast approaching the time to look again." or rephrased "I'd argue smartphones fast approaching for "serious" photography."

If that's the editorial perspective for connect.dpreview.com, that's great. However, my feedback would be that www.dpreview.com patrons generally do not share this point of view. Cluttering up 25% of the DPReview front page with connect.dpreview.com content is undesirable.

For example the Connect story "Instagram releases redesigned Android app" about application usability and performance tweaks. Really? How many Android phone users using Instagram have disabled automatic app updates on their phone and therefor need this notification and how significant is this news anyway? Is this story relevant to someone researching an interchangeable lens camera? If so, in what way? The news "Instagram now connects to WiFi enabled DSLRs to process RAW images" might be relevant.

I would suggest a "CONNECT" tag beside "GEARSHOP" on the top navigator, and dropping all the "Connect" content from www.dpreview.com home page.

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