Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

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Re: Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

Like Phil said lights are changing people are moving and in some productions the sets even change.

to get the most out of your gear switch to manual focus and spot meter on the face and white bal. set to tungsten  If you stick to manual instead of auto modes your focus and lighting problems should be under control. Try to shoot when the action is set. unless there is dancing or fighting most directors are going for a look and there should be a peak where the action has stopped or slowed down.

This shot was shot with the other actors moving on stage with flashlights and capture a moment when the actor was belting our a note so he pretty much froze his body except his arms..

in these two the first one the actor is moving but the 2nd shot there was a peak in the action so I was able to capture the moment.  needed the depth of field to have both actors in focus.

another example of capturing the dancers right a a peak in the action but having enough dof and decide on where to set my exposure to not blow out the highlights but have enough details in the shadows.

To make it easy on yourself go for the tight shots...

You will have no control so if the actors miss their lights or are facing the wrong direction you just need to go with the flow.  a tripod will improve your shots.. you will be surprise how many of your shots will be around a 15th or 20th of a sec.

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