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Re: Advice for portrait lenses

sapralot wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

sapralot wrote:

Or am I getting something wrong? So the 50 f/1.4 is still on my shortlist. (Would the 55 f/1.2 make sense?)

and the bokeh sometimes looks rather busy.

This "sometimes busy" bokeh is why I'm no fan of the nikon 50's (the 1.4 and 1.8 models). It's hard to tell when it's going to rear it's ugly head and ruin a shot. I can see the 50 being useful but the current nikon 50's just are iffy in the regard.

Options are the 58 (expensive) or the 60mm f2.8. I'm waiting to see how good the new sigma is myself. Yes it's likely big and heavy but sometimes sacrifices have to be made somewhere and I'd rather not make them on image quality unless I have to.

Hi Stacey,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Do you mean "busy" in the following sense?

Granted, it is somewhat less than perfect. But I won't spend > EUR 1.700 for a 50mm lens... And the 60mm isn't very fast.

What about the older 50mm lenses from Nikon?

Many of the 50s have what is called "double-draw" bokeh.  The newer G lenses are a little better with that.  But your samples are showing exactly what Stacey is referring to.  It's not awful, but not very good.

The 60 isn't fast, but it isn't slow either, and it is in a very sweet spot, with distortion at about zero, and a perspective that works for high fashion.  It knocks me out.  None of the 50s can do that.

But I'm not saying you shouldn't have a 50 of course.  The 50/1.8g is very nice.  Definitely a huge improvement of the 50/1.8d.

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