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I have been involved with Photography for many years, had a darkroom and all. While in school I was involved in the Kodak sponsored Photo class, after school, I worked many years at "Graflex"

A few years back, I was housebound with a very sick wife who has now passed on. At that time to keep myself busy, I was buying broken cameras from eBay. What was not broken on one became a donor parts camera for another I was not in the repair business, more of a Parts Changer.. I don't remember which purchase I made, but in a box of cameras I had bought, was a very early digital camera. A" Philips ESP2". (see this URL http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-cameras/philips-esp2-digital-camera/4505-6501_7-30000020.html

This little gem was in good shape, put some batteries in it and it still took pictures.

Earlier, I had a similar camera that I used in my business as a Consultant to the computer controlled machining business. I used the camera to take pictures of setups to go along with written instructions. Worked like a charm and was a big boost to my business.

This early camera was a real start to the digital/computer age. Like the "Philips" it was very low in resolution and had no memory card. Unlike the Philips, it had no monitor, so you tool a picture (8 total) and downloaded them to the computer via a cable, developed them in the camera manufactures software to get to the image.. Wow! Notice the similarity to film?

When I came into passion of the box or cameras that included the "Philips ESP2" I was quite interested. But I had no manual, software, cables. Put some batteries in the camera and it fired right up. Took a few shots, but then hit a dead end with no way to get the images out.

This camera is now in a private museum along with a lot of other old cameras that have been collected by the owner of the museum.

Below are  some pictures of this Philips.

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