Stylus 1 with Tcon-17x at the zoo

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Thanks. Here are LT55 and TC-DC58A samples.

Hi Germie - thanks for posting those. Are the listed focal lengths before or after the 1.7x teleconverter multiplier?

For comparision:

With the Panasonic LT55, vignetting disappears at about 5x zoom... and with the Canon TC-DC58A, vignetting disappears at about 3x zoom.

Significantly more wide angle available from the Canon, but it's only a 1.5x teleconverter so a bit less reach too. Here are some samples (reduced since they're only meant to show vignetting effects).

Stylus 1 with Panasonic LT55 1.7x telconverter

Stylus1 + LT55. Zoom = 3.3x (92mm x 1.7 = 156mm equivelent)

Stylus1 + LT55 vignetting almost gone. Zoom = 4.85x (136mm x 1.7 = 231mm equivelent)

Stylus 1 with Canon TC-DC58A 1.5x teleconverter

Stylus 1 + TC-DC58A. Zoom = 2.2x (62mm x 1.5 = 93mm equivalent)

Stylus 1 + TC-DC58A vignetting almost gone. Zoom = 2.7x (76mm x 1.5 = 114mm equivelent)

NB. I did not set teleconversion ON in the camera, so the EXIF focal length values do not reflect the teleconverter multipliers.

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