Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

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Re: Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

Mike K wrote:

Erratic (center point) autofocus in bad (artificial) light with big aperture lenses (f1.4-f2.0) - will the 6d do better?

I was not completely satisfied with ISO 6400 and above - I'm not sure, if the 6D will be a big leap forward. What do you mean?

Lifting shadows resulted in blotchy (purple and green) areas (see pic below) - Can I lift the shadows of the 6D better than those of the 5D?

Yes to all questions, 6D is a significant improvement in these areas. incremental improvements, but all going the right way.

I also like the fact that it will bracket 5 and 7 shots, which the 5DII cannot. However I would have preferred CF cards over SD, and I much prefer the joystick over the multi controller buttons.

Mike K

Thank you for your opinion. I'm glad to hear that from a user who handled both of them.

How about dynamic range? I know the values from DXOmark, but would be interested if bracketing is so important to you because of the not-so-waste DR of the 6D.

I was really astounded when I got my D7100 how well it does regarding DR against the 5D2. Is there any improvement between 5D2 and 6D?

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