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Re: Another missed focus?

Sorry, I thought this shot was an example of missed focus. Yes, the focus appears to be exactly where you placed it. You mention that you will touch the ring to verify focus, so I assume it is the shots where you don't do this (lack of time, etc) that are the issue? I will generally touch the ring also, but have mostly found it unnecessary since I will usually place the small focus point on the eye and it is dead on every time, unless the subject moves.

To confirm - the problems occur when you let the camera lock focus and don't have time to confirm manually? And you are using the smallest focus point available in the pre 2.0 firmware, and what pattern are using - single point or grid? Since I don't fully understand how the grid system is supposed to work (how does it choose a point?) and the boxes are too large, I always use the smallest point and move it as needed if the shot consistently calls for off centre focus point. Otherwise, I lock focus and re-compose as I've always done.

Have you been able to determine if the 2.0 update has helped?

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