Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

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Re: Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

Miki Nemeth wrote:

Rich Gibson wrote:

Yesterday I shot a musical which had minimal sets with lots of black curtains. I started with the Nex-7 and the 55-210 Aperture mode, ISO 6400, Multi-metering mode and auto focus wide open (f/7.0). It was an unmitigated disaster. Focusing was so slow I missed shot after shot and those which were in focus had blown out highlights.

Hi Rich, let me share my recent experimenting manual focusing my Canon FD 80-200/f4L on A7 in a theater performance. I set the shutter to 1/100 and aperture to F8. I took about 200 photos and about 70 percentage was quite OK; I am just a progressing beginner, though.

Manual focusing on slow moving theater scene is quite manageable.

I still in the process of deciding whether I am more efficient with AF or MF. I am sure you are decades much more experienced than me, but I am so enthusiastic to have the chance of learning MF with the A7. Miki

Rich to give you some perspective here:

1.  Miki is on a full frame sensor, which has better low light performance than the sensor in the NEX cameras.

2.  The 80200f4 lens means an adapter was used, it required manual focus, and that lens by itself is over $1000.

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