Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

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Miki Nemeth
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Re: Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

Rich Gibson wrote:

Yesterday I shot a musical which had minimal sets with lots of black curtains. I started with the Nex-7 and the 55-210 Aperture mode, ISO 6400, Multi-metering mode and auto focus wide open (f/7.0). It was an unmitigated disaster. Focusing was so slow I missed shot after shot and those which were in focus had blown out highlights.

Hi Rich, let me share my recent experimenting manual focusing my Canon FD 80-200/f4L on A7 in a theater performance. I set the shutter to 1/100 and aperture to F8. I took about 200 photos and about 70 percentage was quite OK; I am just a progressing beginner, though.

Manual focusing on slow moving theater scene is quite manageable.

I still in the process of deciding whether I am more efficient with AF or MF. I am sure you are decades much more experienced than me, but I am so enthusiastic to have the chance of learning MF with the A7. Miki

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