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2 cents worth

Daviskw wrote:

I guess I should post this request in another forum but I trust my fellow retouchers eyes better than most.

I am trying to take photos of our local train station at night but we have had some tragedies in our town of people being killed on the tracks. So the police are giving $300 tickets for anyone they see on the tracks or r/w’s. This limits where I can take my shots to two locations.

I am posting my results…hopefully realistic HDR’s… from both locations and would like your opinions first on the photos themselves and which you think is the better perspective.

I am thinking of making a print for a 18x24 frame and I am having problems making up my mind…lol


The parking lot on the far left doesn't seem to add anything to your composition.

I find the architectural details and choices to to be of the most interest, particularly the rooflines. Your station's rooflines are composed of the cylindrical, rectangular, pyramidical (?), triangular plus you have the detail atop the cupola. The use of the rough cut stone plus the tasteful almost monochromatic color scheme frames the architectural details without drawing attention to itself.

As you can see I've adjusted your file to focus on the above elements.

Thanks for sharing your files, it's a real treat !

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