Advice and comments about my choise for olympus 45mm f1.8

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Advice and comments about my choise for olympus 45mm f1.8

Hello there i have an olympus Epl5 with Sigma 19mm F2.8 lens. Previously i had the EPM1 with 14-42 kit lens.I Bought also the new dn A sigma 19mm to use it with EPM1..but i wanted something more good in image quality.So i order The olympus EPL5 and i sell the Epm1 body.

After seeing that i didnt use the 14-42mm olympus lens (i use only the sigma 19mm)i decide to sell it and i did that.So now i have the EPL5+19mm sigma...I was thinking to add some lens in my bag. I Think the most importand though about what lens you will buy is what you will use it?

My main usage is to play with the camera to take some good photos ,..Also when we go out with my friends and take some potrait photos ..also in daylight also in low light. ALSO i am thinking for investment.i am not a photographer or a maniac camera guy...but sometimes i look the price like i do in emp1 i buy it and after some months i change it.i can say i do the same with sigma 19mm. i was thinking between the sigma 19mm and the panasonic 20 mm but sigma was half the price.but i can say that i make good choise because sigma is very good lens..but now i wnat also to use the lens i will buy have better quality than my sigma and to invest..

those days i was thinking to much and reading a lot of reviews about several in my wishlist was ...OLympus 25mm F1.8 , Olympus 45mm F1.8 , Sigma 30mm, Sigma 60mm, Olympus 12-40 F2.8 and Olympus 12-50 F3.5...

So lets start.. Olympus 25mm F1.8 is very close to sigma 19mm i already have and is i was thinking if i buy this one i will never use the sigma and i will stay near in focal lengh 19mm sigma and 25 olympus. Then The olympus 45mm F1.8 i read very good reviews about this the price was good And the 45mm i think is normal for every day use and as an alternative lens to 19mm sigma.Also will give great results in low light but i will use also my sigma when i want biger focal lenghs so normal i will use both lens.The sigma  30 mm the price was not too far from 45mm and the quality is near that the 19mm sigma.and maybe is little close with my 19mm sigma.The 60mm Sigma lens i read that is perfect lens for macro and for image quality..but how much i will use the 60mm?i think is far away for my purposes.The good is the macro but i will invest only for macro?i want a lens that i can use it in general purposes also..Now about the 12-40 lens f2.8 i think is the perfect lens for my purposes but is very expensive and i can afford it and if i buy it i will not use the sigma 19mm so i have to sell it...But the problem is bery expensive..And the olympus 12-50 f3.5 i read tha is good al aound lens but i think not the lens i wanted to invest and give me the best quality.So after too much thinking and reading a lot of comments here i decide to go with 45mm olympus F1.8 and just i order it..What you think for my Choise?I understand that buying a prime lens is difficult to change lenses every time and loose some photos when you change the the 12-40 F2.8 is the lens that is perfect for me but cost around 700 euro. I bought the 45 f1.8 at 220 Euro..and i have also the sigmna 19mm

At the moment i dont travel for holidays etc but my main acrivities is to try to learn and play with the camera and the photos.I want to take beautifull pictures to play with lenses filters etc.sometimes when we go out for friends for a coffee or for a trip i can take both lenses and have my sigma 19mm as primary for landscapes and when i want a potrait shots or when is suitable for me i will use the 45mm Olympus..Also is very importand that i have the Nikon p510 that is not DSLR but can achieve very good images from 1cm macro until 42x zoom.The p510 have unbelievable zoom and image stabilazion.So if i will have a trip lets say to africa and i want to capture animals etc i can travle with my nikon.but to play and learn photography end with my daytime use i have the EPL5 and the sigma 19mm + the olympus 45mm 1.8.

Tell me what you think if i make the right choise according the usage of the lens i order.

I afraid little because the 45mm is something i didnt have before and is stays at 45mm only.but is very importand that is very good lens and is like investment.I think the Epl5 with the olympus 45mm and the sigma 19mm i can take very good pictures for some years .Sorry i write too much but i wanted to share me feelings and thoughts so i can take answers from other people there:)

thank you

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