Old olympus 17/f1.8. New 25/f1.8

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Re: Old olympus 17/f1.8. New 25/f1.8

Mouldering wrote:

I have 17/f1.8

Is there any reason to exchange it to 25/f1.8 without loss of money?

I'm worried that 25 is not wide already

You'll become accustomed to the 50mm field of view (the 25/1.8) and is better than 35 (the 17/1.8) for close up shots. You do not have to get as close as you must with a 35 to focus in on subjects (e.g. faces) and there is no distortion. The 50 has been the standard: good for general use from landscape to close range shooting.

The 35mm field of view (the 17mm lens) became popular because it has the advantage of being fairly close to normal and being (slightly) wide angle: good for capturing more of a street scene and a broader landscape . . . and almost wide enough to do architecture shots (but not really). It also has a increased depth of field--easier to focus manually.

Why not buy the 25/1.8 and try it out on a 14 day return arrangement? You're going to love it . . . Keep your 17 too . . . at least for a while; you might find specific uses for it or decide in the end that you prefer 35mm field of view. There is no way to predict how you will react without trying. If it turns out you really prefer the 25, sell the 17 and acquire a proper wide angle lens--either the Olympus 12mm or the Panasonic 14mm. That would be a nice two-lens kit.

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