A7/A7r overpriced?

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Re: A7/A7r overpriced?

blue_skies wrote:

DaveIso wrote:

Is there any photos posted in this forum that have been taken with an A7 or A7R that could not have been taken with an APS-C sensor.

I am really curious, why should an amateur (like me) buy full frame?

If you have to ask ....

Serious though, your question is not about A7/r, but about FF versus APS-C.

Ask yourself this: given the cost of FF in general, coupled with the bulk, why does it even exist? And better, why is it used by professionals?

Research that and you will get an appreciation of the pros and cons of FF.

As to your comment about 'amateur' shots - many such shots can be made with many cameras, as long as equivalent exposures are possible. Once you go outside that range, larger sensors are simply more flexible.

Or, a larger format camera does not make you a better photographer, but a better photographer can get more out of a larger format camera than out of a smaller format camera.

As FF cameras go, the A7/r are already an outright steal, but if you'd wait to pick them up secondhand in around a year from now, you may be able to get into FF for very cheap, especially if you use legacy lenses.


FF is not for everyone, just like riding motorcycles isn't for everyone.

APS-C is the sweet spot for size and quality, the only reason I bought the A7r is so I can use my collection of lenses on the sensor size they were designed for, my 24's are wide again.

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