BIF shooters, please help

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Re: BIF shooters, please help

Atoche wrote:

Hi Atoche,

thanks for taking time out of your day to offer your help.

I personally have just begun to take some BIF pictures. I have read and begun to practice, I'm happy to share my initial experience with you.

what I have learned:

1. SS is king, I bump ISO to get my SS up above 1/2000

2. I set my aperture between f/8 and f/13 but rarely more or less than that

3. i expose to the right. This was weird to me at first, given I had a high ISO setting I did not think ETTR would be important. So, even on a bright sunny day I will bump up ISO, SS and still expose to the right.

I'm thinking you're doing this by exposure compensation or choosing a wider lens opening ?

SS stops the motion well. F/8-13 ensures adequate DoF, and ETTR exposes to remove the noise.

ETTR reducing the noise had not occurred to me.  Makes sense when I think of it that way.  Often times it seems to me the most noise occurs when the light level is low.

The mature adult bald eagles provide a unique exposure challenge.  Their bodies appear dark brown (in bright sun, at times almost black in low light) and then their head is brilliant white, and their tails can be white as snow to an ivory off white color.  Hard to get that right, and then the sun either disappears, or the sun comes out.  I'm finding that in this particular location that the best time to try and shoot them is the golden hour, hour and a half before sundown.

now, I am concentrating on hitting the bird with the af point. Currently I am using AI Servo, and AF expansion mode most often beginning with the center af point. I am not using a tripod, monopod, or gimble head.

I too have switched to continuous focus, but am puzzled by the AF expansion mode term ?   I'm guessing you mean flexi-zone (the camera menu) offering ?

what has helped me the most? reading DPReview - and practicing every day that I can!

Yes to both of these comments.  Each day I've improved in my efforts.  I hope the eagles continue to make themselves available.

Thanks again for your interest and reply, Mike

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