Focus-recompose method and "soft corners"

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Re: Focus-recompose method and "soft corners"

Ross Warner wrote:

Reading endless discussions about "soft corners" and other focus problems in lens tests, it occurs to me to ask if some of these people might be using the focus-recompose method, which many seem to use by default for everyday work. This can cause focus problems, especially in the corners. ...

My lens tests are done with the camera on a tripod, rigorously squared and leveled to a target, and I usually shoot two sequences: one focused on a center point, the other on a point about half-way from center to the long edge of the frame, using the maximum magnification by moving the 'hot spot' in the viewfinder so as not to change the orientation of the camera and target.

  • When the two series look equally sharp from aperture setting to aperture setting, I know there is minimal curvature of field and minimal focus shift.
  • When the corners are soft, the corners are soft.
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