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Re: LCD and EVF

Cyril Catt wrote:

ANAYV wrote: [...] I am told as we get older , the ability to see things real close , change. [...]

Amongst those with vision problems, some are "short sighted" - able to focus close-up, but needing spectacles for clear distance vision. Conversely others who are "long sighted" require spectacles to see close up, so need spectacles to read. Within their respective range of vision, both sorts tend, with age, to loose the range over which they can focus; and both are subject to cataracts, as the natural lenses in their eyes become cloudy and tint their vision with a yellow mask. Growing old ain't fun!

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Correct.  I've been wearing tri-focals for many years and I can't find and EVF or OVF that I can use.  I always use the LCD.  I have the camera strap length adjusted to my fusion and use it around my neck with my arms tight to my sides, thus forming a tripod effect.  Also tried the Clearviewer and is of no value to me.

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