Lightoom keywords - how to trace incorrectly keyworded photos?

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Lightoom keywords - how to trace incorrectly keyworded photos?

I wonder if anyone can help me with mistakes I have made with my Lightroom keywording?

My catalogue contains 165,000 photos. I have organised my keywords on a hierarchical basis. Non-exporting top level keyword tags include, for example, "Geographical Location" and "Buildings" etc.. These keyword tags are of no use in their own right, other than acting as containers for child keywords which I do want to export.

Thus, in an ideal world, none of these top level tags should have any photos directly assigned to them: when the tags are expanded, Lightroom should show the number of photos with each second (or below) level keyword within each tag, but when the top level tags are collapsed so that only they are visible, there should be no numbers to the right of these, since none should have been direcly applied to any photo (it would be meaningless to do so).

But it is not an ideal world. Somehow, in a moment (or moments) of carelessness, I must have accidentally clicked on some of these top level keyword tags and accidentally assigned them at that level to some of my photos. For example, my keyword list shows the number "3" against the "Geographical Location" top level keyword tag. Similarly for a few of the others.

Having the top level keyword tag applied to a limited number of photos is not really a serious issue, it is simply untidy, a case of bad housekeeping. I would nevertheless like to be able to identify which 3 photos are tagged with, for example, "Geographical Location" at the top level, so that I can untick the tag to clear it, and leave them simply with whatever child keywords have been properly assigned within that tag.

The difficulty is that if one clicks on the number to the left of any particular level of keyword tag, this returns all the photos within that tag, at whatever subsidiary level.  In my example, I click on the number 3 to try to identify these three photos, and I am presented with a metadata search result comprising 165,000 photos, because every one of them has a geographical location somewhere within that tag: there is no indication at all from which I can identify the three that are actually tagged at the top level as well as with whatever lower level keyword applies to them.

Is it possible to search against a keyword in such a way that the resulting selected photos are those which are actually tagged with that keyword, excluding any which are only tagged by contained (child) keywords?  I have not been able to find any way of doing this, but would very much like to be able to do so, simply to tidy up my keyword list.

Put another way, I would like to be able to search so as to select photos only with an actual tick against particular keywords, excluding photos which have only the minus sign against the keyword indicating that a child keyword (but not the containing keyword directly) has been assigned to it.

Does anyone know whether this is possible, or whether there is some other easy way to identify the tagged photos and uncleck the accidentally assigned top level keyword tags?  One would expect, perhaps, a Search or Select option, such that the user could either limit the result to photos actually tagged with a particular keyword, or expand it to include those with keywords within the containing keyword tag, but if such an option exists, I have not been able to find it.

Thank you for any help or guidance you may be able to give.


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