Silver Efex Pro 2 non-destructive workflow with PS6 via Lightroom: pls help

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Re: Silver Efex Pro 2 non-destructive workflow with PS6 via Lightroom: pls help

Mais78 wrote:

Toermalijn wrote:

Mais78 wrote:

I am trying to figure out how to use SEP2 in a non-destructive way.

I use LR5 for 99.5% of what I do, I use PS6 just to remove unwanted objects so I am not very proficient in PS.

This is what I tried to far:

1. In LR click on the pic and Edit in PS6

2. Once in PS6 I convert to Smart Filters and then again in Filters I choose SEP

3. Do the edits in SEP and click on to go back to PS

4. In PS I save and close to go back to LR

5. In LR if I want to re-edit the pic in SEP2, I click on the Pic then Edit in PS (I choose Edit Original)

6. PS Opens, I can see my pic and the smart filter but when I launch SEP from the Filter Menu all the sliders are at their default position, they are not where I left them the first time

What do I do wrong??


Probably nothing.

This is normal behavier when you open an image with sep2. If you want to keep the presets you should make a recipe out of it and safe that. You can add the recipe later to the list of custom presets and with a click you can add those presets to your image.

Actually I was doing something wrong. I found the solution. In Step six when re-editing in SEP, SEP should not be opened from the Filter menu, but you have to right click on the pre-existing SEP filter on the right hand side and choose Edit Filter. Now works like a charm!

I also found out that is absolutely necessary to reopen the file from LR as Edit Original (which I was doing right intuitively). This means that you have to do everything you want to do in LR before you switch to PS/SEP otherwise you will lose it if you want to use SEP in non-destructive way.

This means sharpening (which I usually do last) in PS. I have no experience of the unsharp mask, what is the USM equivalent of LR Amount 65 Radius 1 Detail 25?

Well, yes, but it is still a good idea to turn your settings, wich you like to keep, into a recipe so you can apply it real easy next time. It won't affect the way you work right now. Just another enhancement in your workflow.

Should be about the same, since LR and Photoshop/acr share the same techniques/engine.

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