Investing in a 6D or 5D Mark III

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Re: Investing in a 6D or 5D Mark III

As an enthusiastic amateur with broad interest I think the 6d is the better fit for your needs at this time. If you need to track action, or anything faster than a jog for say >50% of all your photography or make extensive use of video, the 5d has a clear advantage. For the rest, the 6d is a fine choice and may in fact have a slight advantage as far as iq tests go.

Quite frankly, if image quality is your first concern you'll gain more with a superior lens and the less expensive body. On the other hand, the 6d makes you jump through more hoops than does the 5d, whether you need to jump, well…that for you to decide.

Last point, you know what you like to shoot but imho 24-70 is the lamest lens you can buy, and this is doubly so if you are an amateur when you have the time and flexibility to adapt to a situation. In all cases (again imho) a regular prime is going to get you more performance/cost.

It's just okay at 24, and anything from 50-70 is awkward. The 50l is solid as is the 1.8 (cheap). If you want wider the 17-40 is pretty good as are the tilt shifts. Canon has so many good lenses that make the 24-70 seem like a waste imho.

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