Needed an every day camera..

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Re: Needed an every day camera..

M5s wrote:

Thank you all very much!!

you've been much help.

I've whittled it down the the Nikon 1 series and the sony RX100.

what's catching me is the fact that the Nikon is a system, that may very well be the future.

And the DSLRs would be replaced . and the fact that the Nikon 1 XY could teach me all about Mirrorless.

The sony on the other hand , is better in every way , but only right now.

I guess my next step is to go to a Photography shop nearby , and try them both out and decide from there..

Just one more question , is a pancake lense recommended to capture portraits?

I doubt that because it's 10MM mostly , but just incase I am wrong here?

Thank you all very very much!

For portraits you would want a lens with a focal length around 70-120 but you can and many do, use even longer focal lengths. Example the 85mm 1.8 is a famous one. The oly 75mm 1.8. Pancakes are too short

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