Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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Re: Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

57LowRider wrote:

It begs the question whether most people actually want to take snaps rather than photographs (assuming that there's a considerable difference), if you see what I mean.

There is a difference. The forums are full of snaps of ducks and flowers and squirrels and other pretty but generic and forgettable subjects. However - one doesn't need to labor over the settings for each shot to be taking photographs instead of 'snaps'.

Keep in mind that there are also some people who are all about the equipment, the dials, the buttons, the specs (and the the dxo charts, ugh) and are more interested in playing with the camera to make it go 'click' than in getting worthwhile photos.

I recall vividly a certain model of camera which had a significant IQ issue, and many posters were willing to overlook that flaw because they loved the camera's styling so much.

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