Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Re: Disinterested and "Artists"

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

DRabbit wrote:

I'll be writing up a review of the XT1 for Steve's site likely in the next two weeks... but expect it to be "real world" because that's just how I roll. I'm not interested in charts and rulers and testing out different raw converters. I'm interested in using the camera the way I intend to daily, and commenting on my experiences in that regard. There will be things I like and dislike, some of it may seem glowing, but it will be honest from my own perspective... which is all you can expect from any unscientific review.


Amy, reviews of that type are always the best for me. The GearHeads have plenty of resources to satisfy their tech-cravings and pixel-peeping. Reading about and seeing what a photographer can do with the camera is much more informative and certainly always a better read.

Me too Jim... there's plenty of measure-bating for those who like that sort of thing, but I want to know what a photographer thinks about using it in practice, in every-day ways, not taking pictures of brick walls and rulers.

BTW.. sorry about your K3 issues. I think I told you that I had my K3 for less than 24 hours before deciding to return it... just not enough of an improvement over the K5 IIs. In my case the more megapixels did not equate to anything but more noise at higher ISO use.

Funny, I was actually thinking about you, and was going to send you a Facebook message about the whole K3 thing, because I remember you having returned it. I'll be bringing mine back on, probably Monday, and exchanging it for two K5-IIs bodies (since the price is so much lower now). I hope the K5-IIs performs without problem like the K5-II has. We shall see.

It's a shame because I enjoyed the K3 in every other way. I still hope Pentax will find the cause and fix the crazy mirror flap problem. Time will tell.


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