Nikon VS Canon? SLR or Point and Shoot?

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Re: Listen to Klaus

I just bought my first DSLR about 3 weeks ago. (SL1 basically the same as the T5i)

Before I bought the camera I spent a lot of time on Youtube learning. Not about my camera but rather about how to get proper exposure. And how ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed related to each other.

Here is what I've learned so far for myself.

1. I shoot in Manual as much as I can. Just today I sat on the couch and took about 50 pictures playing around.

2. Liveview in Manual is a great way to learn until you get a full understanding of exposure.

3. Back button focusing and only using the middle focus point has really helped me. (youtube it)

4. I only use M, Av and P. I have used the Shutter Priority when taking pictures of fast moving objects but not much so far.

5. When I just want to take a picture and don't want to worry I use P but still with back button focus and the centre focus point. I have never taken a picture in Auto or any other creative mode yet. Next to M I find I'm normally on Av because it is the easiest by default to select (for me)

6. I only take photos with the optical viewfinder (other than when playing around) and use the exposure meter to tell if I have the proper setup.

7. I still youtube a lot.. And I read almost as much.. I also look on here at other peoples photos to see what settings they used. When I don't understand something I google or youtube it.

8. The rule of thirds has improved my photos insanely

9. I purposely try to get good pictures in bad settings. I do this by shooting in M and setting Aperture, Shutter or ISO to something random. Then I adjust the other two factors to get a good exposure on the meter. This is by far the biggest thing that has helped me.

10. I have fun and leave the DSLR at home when I might not have fun. I just went to Cuba with a few friends and left the DSLR and just brought the GoPro and iPhone because the focus of the trip was fun. Next month I head to the Rockies and the focus on that trip will be DSLR.

Have fun and shoot RAW!


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