System development strategy for dedicated enthusiasts

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System development strategy for dedicated enthusiasts

Below I try to present a few thoughts regarding developing one's photo system; I'd like to see how other people see that.

First, where I come from: a Leica/Pentax user in film days, chose Nikon APS-C midrange bodies (D80/D7000) when starting in digital, later added a Nikon 1 body (V1) and a couple of lenses for lighter shooting. I also added a few FF Nikkors along the way with the idea of moving to FF later.

Here is my Flickr gallery as reference:

So the D610 and Df come, and it seems I'm ready to move up to FF. My idea was to do that and keep the Nikon 1 for lighter shooting. But Nikon, again, never launched a single faster/HQ zoom for Nikon 1, so it seems the system is for those that do not care much about IQ or are just interested in the system's speed (again the main marketing point re latest release, V3).

Suddenly the FF + Nikon 1 alternative does not look like the only one. m43 has reached a pretty developed level, with many interesting new bodies at various levels, and good dedicated lenses, something missing in the APS-C DSLR field (no D400 or 7D2 have been released, there are no dedicated fast zooms from C/N, no dedicated fast WA lenses, etc).

So, I have started looking at the GX7 as an alternative to the V1, and a few lenses for m43. And I realized that there are quite a few very nice lenses there, primes and zooms. Further, the IQ of samples (RAW) are very decent, comparable to what my D7000 produces. So, maybe a GX7 and a couple of zooms (UWA and a fast midrange). The fast midranges are two, one Panny and one Oly. The second one seems like a stellar lens, at only 380g, 12-40mm (24-80mm equiv), decent speed (f/2.8). Then I checked the OMD1. Well, nice body, on par with a D300s (except for AF-C mode), excellent EVF and other features. I'm no action shooter, so AF-C performance is not relevant in my case.

Then, I see myself doubting if I really need an FF dslr. I checked my archives, well, maybe here and there an FF sensor with a great lens would have made a difference, but how much? Does it make sense to develop two systems at this point, for a non-pro? With a GX7 and possibly a successor of the OMD1, which will likely have even better AF abilities, a few fast primes and the 3 basic zooms, do I really need more? Is it worth to spend much more money and carry large and heavy bodies and lenses? I really like the smallness and lightness of the V1+lenses (not so much its features and lenses' speeds and IQ).

What do people here think about that? Have you given serious attention to all the alternatives, in particular to m43?

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