Lens cap stuck/jammed on Fuji 18-55, how can I fix it?

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Lens cap stuck/jammed on Fuji 18-55, how can I fix it?

I woke up this morning to discover that when I put the lens cap on my Fujinon 18-55mm 2.8-4 last night I somehow got it horribly wrong, and now no amount of force will free it. Squeezing the grips does nothing and there is no play at all to them. The grips seem stuck in the relaxed position they would normally have when the lens cap is on.

If I twist it with extreme force (the max I can get with my not-super-strong hands and the small gips) I can make it rotate very very slowly, but this doesn't seem to have any effect.

After carefully inspecting it I've found the part of the cap that is making it jammed. The bottom "grip" section seems to be out of alignment on the right side, which in turn is pinning down the right hand part of the cap.

In the photo below (pardon it's awfulness, I PPd it for clarity) you can see how the right piece of the cap flows down below the rim rather than flowing about 1mm above it like it does around the rest of the cap:

I'm not sure what to do next. I'm going to bring it into the local camera store and see if they are willing to repair it for me before getting freaky with tools on my own.

I will also be buying a new lens cap either way as I no longer have any faith in this Fuji one, which struck me as a POS from the start but this seals the deal.

Anyone had this problem before? Any ideas how to fix it?

All I can think to do is get the smallest screwdriver I can find and insert it into the crack on the right side of the cap just before it starts to go down below the rim, then twist the screwdriver and hope the plastic cap pops out or something. Clearly bringing a screwdriver near the glass is a bad idea if it can be avoided, so I'm open to any other ideas!

Thanks for any help, hopefully I won't have to send this thing away to Fuji :S

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