Photo Challenges - Do they help you improve?

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I would disagree

Single subjects and a strong composition are a fundamental approach to any form of art, from novels to movies. Even with multiple forms, one leads to another or contrasts and balances.

That doesn't mean multiple subjects never work, or aren't allowed, just that you'd better know exactly what you're doing.

The "rules" are there to help people improve their skills. To break them, you should first be able to use them.

Limited DOF is but one way to focus on a subject, and I certainly haven't noticed excessive use of that on DPR. If you look at my galleries and those of others, you will notice I tend towards infinite DOF, which tells me you are not paying attention to the contest winners.

The world is full of disappointed artists who felt the rules didn't apply to them, and then complain bitterly when people didn't recognize their inner greatness.

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

The problem with dpreview as "edispics" said is that the dpreview forum members are a special crowd which tend to drift in one direction.

Here in dpreview is sometimes the tendency to allow only one object/subject in a photo. If the photo is not totally easy and has 2 or 3 things in it, then the 1 or 2 things "to much" are DISTRACTING. Except they are blurred with EXTREME SHALLOW DOF, because EXTREME SHALLOW DOF is good in dpreview ( except if you are in the current Olympus SLR forum where the trolls left towards the m43 forum )..

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