Photo Challenges - Do they help you improve?

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Re: Photo Challenges - Yes they help you improve.

You do not need to enter challenges to profit from them. Simply look at the cream that rose to the top of the finished challenges and see for yourself what sets a good photo apart from the others.

Enter challenges for either fun or to find out how good you are. Most people quickly learn they are not nearly as good as they think they are and quit entering and then a few say bad things about the challenges because they do not want to admit they are not very good.

It is best to stay away from the Challenge Forum because there is a "group" of members there who seem to be hell bent on destroying the challenges, although it is much better now than in the past in that regard. The woeful hand wringing about cheating, sandbagging, multiple account voting, etc. bears no resemblance to reality. Sure there is some of that stuff going on, but it is rare that it makes a significant difference. Sometimes the number of votes is smaller than you would like to see, but it is amazing how effective the voting is in raising the cream to the top. Don't expect totally accurate placement, but the general ordering of entries is surprisingly accurate.

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