DoF preview with Panasonic

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Sean Nelson
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Re: DoF preview with Panasonic

0MitchAG wrote:

On the Panasonic bodies it is incredibly frustrating trying to compose with the macro lens at close distances because the Live View depth of field is fixed at F2.8, meaning razor thin DoF at the required working distance.

I can't speak for other Panasonic bodies, but my GH3 has a "constant preview" setting (page 4 on the Custom Settings menu).   If you turn it "on" then the camera shoots a continuous stream of images at the selected shutter speed and aperture for display on the LCD or EVF.   This allows you to preview depth of field and the effects of motion blur at the selected exposure settings.

It's difficult to use in low light conditions because when you get into the range of slow shutter speeds it means the LCD refreshes slowly (at a shutter speed of 1/5 of a second it's impossible to show more than 5 updates per second on the LCD, obviously).  But this isn't an issue in bright light.

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