Video - AlgoEast and along the river.

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Re: Video - AlgoEast and along the river.

Claudio Galli wrote:

Canadian Club wrote:

Hi: The AlgoEast was moving at a pretty good clip - 11 Knots. The temp was 8F so I was wearing gloves ear muffs and hood up. Brrr. Hand held - too cold for me to tackle a tripod.

The video is 4:37 minutes.

Life is good - Blue Skies


In spite of not having used a tripod, you have steady enough arms and legs!

When doing a zoom that is where a tripod is a must.

As in Italy "smoking" means "tuxedo", probably on the ship there were not dancing evening planned!

That gave me a chuckle

Which camera did you used?

Sony HX300

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for looking and commenting.



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