Exchange or Return Light Leak Affected XT-1 ?

Started Mar 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
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return and wait

jomarie wrote:

My XT-1 has the light leak (tested it) and serial # falls within the affected range. I still have 30 days to return the camera to Crutchfield (they have a 60 day return policy). All else is fine and I love it, it works great and the light leak wouldn't really impact me for how I use the XT-1. However, I am worried about down the road and if I want to sell it to upgrade and the resale value. If I don't exchange it - I will definitely still have it repaired but if I can return it for a camera that isn't affected, should I? Once repaired would it still lose some value? I know to me if I was purchasing it used and all else was good and the leak was repaired, I wouldn't care but I'm afraid some might. I am leaning to just having it repaired since I will be keeping it for a long while but hope I don't regret it someday.

Should I just return it?

Your serial # is in affected range so its resale value would be low if you ever need to sell it later.

So if I was you, I return it, and wait couple more months to buy another one which has serial# out of the range.

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