BIF shooters, please help

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Re: BIF shooters, please help

TC63 wrote:

Hi TC, thanks for you reply and suggestions.

Although I haven't used the same lens YET on my Eagle shooting, AI servo serves me well, as well as back button focusing. Try changing your focus point to center...refer to the lenses IS modes.I often expose to the right when shooting these birds.

I have been using single, center point focus and then after achieving focus confirmation and holding the shutter button 1/2 way down, recompose.  I remember reading about the back button focus here, but haven't bored down that deep into the menu settings to change to it.  I'll likely try to do this tonight, after today's shooting.  The eagles have "peak activity times" and I'm about to head out for them.

I can't seem to get find the bird in the viewfinder unless I can prefocus to a proximity distance and then, I can locate the bird in my viewfinder.  When everything is blurry, I have no success finding it.  Point well taken on the exposure being a bit dark.  I've been so frustrated trying to get sharper pics that I'd overlooked the exposure, I've had EV set at zero.

You bring up an interesting point about the IS feature.  This lens has 3 IS positions.  I've read S-1 is for general handheld photo taking.  S-2 is for panning moving subjects.  The person who gave this lens to me said to not use that setting.  He used this lens for racing cars going 140 mph and never used S-2.  The third option is off.  From what I've read on the web, most bird shooters advise turning IS off.  That make no sense to me.  I have only tried S-1 so far.

You can still up the ISO and fix in post and also a gimbal head is so much better if you can afford one as they do come as low as around $125 US.

I had a chance to "try" a gimbal head one of the local "big gun" boys had on their setup.  I too, think this suggestion will be something I end up doing.  I know it's way overkill for what I currently have for equipment, but maybe someday I'll rent heavier glass.

Lastly you can get decent photos with the lens. My experience so far with the lens is good and no focus problems at all BUT you have to know that the lens has it limitations when shooting these birds from a distance.

I agree that I can get decent pics with this lens.  See my heron posting in this week's show your snaps thread.  Seems to work well for me for landscapes.

Just my opinion as I'm sure more of the good folks here will tune in as well.

I'm hoping that others will offer their help.  Maybe R2 can chime in with his ?  His eagle photos were what pushed me off the fence towards getting this camera.  Thanks again, Mike

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