Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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Combatmedic870 wrote:.

.....Well I do agree that the XT-1 should/will be quite adequate(the continous focusing is supposed to be better vs the A6000). I was specifically referring to the XE-1. Its a GREAT camera. I do get results with it. But...its focusing is slower then most(XE-2?). For shooting anything besides my dog. I get a pretty high hit rate.

I am almost positive, that the Xpro 2 and the XE-3 are going to have REALLY REALLY great focusing systems(A6000 but better) that will perhaphs BEAT entry level DSLR's. Were almost there. Mirrorless is going to get its days in the sun very very soon.

Bear in mind that even an entry level DSLR has darned quick AF because it is phase detect. Where more expensive models improve over entry level it is mostly with more AF points, more modes, and more sophisticated tracking, not so much with basic speed. They might well be an iota quicker to AF but entry level is not slow to start with in any kind of decent light.

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