Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

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Re: Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

mistermejia wrote:

Not too long ago i posted some photos asking why my Rokinon 85mm was so darn soft and unsharp on my XE1, what a disappointment!

Some folks have posted photos with a Voiglander 35 1.4, the Nikkor 50 Ais 1.2, and some other ones. Do all older wide aperture manual focus primes give you that very "soft" output, just as i have seen with my own Rokinon 85mm??

Is there a prime out there that gives you sharp photos at the wider aperture? I've just discovered that this is a "normal" behavior when using primes like this in a Xtrans camera, because i sure didn't experience this with my former D7000 when i was getting very very sharp images with my 85mm. Maybe the problem is the adapters on the fuji themselves?

Any help here? I guess i might as well just get the fuji 35 1.4.

Quite honestly, if you are getting soft images from an X-T1 you either have a defective lens, defective adapter, or defective technique. I'm using a very inexpensive Pentax K to X adapter, and am getting perfectly sharp images from my X-T1 using some very old Pentax glass (admittedly some of the best lenses ever made).
I am finding that I need to watch how high I let the ISO go, as noise reduction on this camera is a little bit destructive and cannot be turned off entirely.

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