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Re: Samples seem to show more than just image softness...

Looking through the ENglish version of the manual linked above, I have run across a couple of reassuring items pertaining to macro and background defocus.

  1. Background Defocus (p.65) includes the ability to adjust the effect level by turning the lens ring.
  2. Macro (p. 87) does not mention any automatic application of the background defocus when in macro mode. I'd still like to see confirmation of that, because I'd prefer to be in control of whether this effect is being applied or I can rely on the actual physical properties of the lens to achieve the desired effect, including bokeh.
  3. The word "bokeh" apparently does not appear in the manual.

I still suspect that the early photo samples we've been seeing represent attempts to explore the new features, including background defocus, and may be applying those features with a heavy hand. The manual itself is giving me hope, though.


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