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sapralot wrote:

raymondg wrote:
Finally, the Zeiss 135 f2.0 APO Sonar. I absolutely love this lens. It is a dream to use. Very smooth manual focus and extraordinarily sharp. It also renders beautifully. BUT… I use this lens a lot for baby/infant photos and the number of keepers is low. This is due to the fact that while the focus is smooth and precise when you are working with large apertures you need to be spot on with the focus and kids have a habit of never staying still. If you are using it for general portraiture, no problems. If you use it on kids it will provide outstanding results if you have the time and patience or the gift of prescience. Personally, I find it worth the perseverance.


Someone told me that the Zeiss 135 f/2.0 requires Live View when shooting wide open, for the simple reason that the lens is incredibly sharp and therefore doesn't forgive any imprecision. Would you confirm that opinion?

I'm shooting kids quite often (see my profile), hence that sensivity would present me with a real problem. Not least because the OK button of the D610 cannot be customized for 100% zoom.

Anyway, many thanks for your help!

The other really nice thing about this camera is high ISO performance!  I tend to shoot my daughter indoors quite often. I find that my goto setting is iso 1600, f/4, 1/125. Gives me shutter speed to hold a steady shot. Nice dof for seperation, but enough room to focus. I will occasionally shoot ISO 3200, f/2.8, 1/500, if I need to catch fast movement in a dark environment. I do lose a little color range. But lr5 still does a great job with those shots!  F/2 and under are really only best for wider shots or if you are really going for a look on a close up.

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