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sapralot wrote:


The Zeiss 100/2 is a superb lens without question, but with a high price tag. Not sure if I should risk that investment being short on experience with manual focussing... Am I required to use Live View with this lens (- which I'm reluctant to do)?

Hello Johannes,

sorry to be late... well, of course if you have the opportunity, taking your time for every shot will reward you with images unbelievably crisp and detailed. Actually, for the 100 you *might* want to do it with macro range because 3/4 of its focus throw (very long) are BELOW 1 m of distance, thus every breath you take you might move yourself of some mm and lose the exact point ( you won't believe how accurate it is this lens until you don't test one yourself ) For distances LONGER than 1m - things are somehow quicker and easier.

Probably with the 135 things reverse, having a longer focus throw for distances greater than 1m, on one hand you can "separate" better planes but you need more time to get them in focus.

100/2 is more versatile but has CA wide open, 135/2 is perfectly corrected.

In both cases you should prepare to *slow down* your work quite a lot, although I've actually shot 95-99% of my pictures handheld using my eye and viewfinder only (except very close up pictures). To ME is NOT a problem, *my* kind of photography allows me that. Maybe for you a Tamron 90 might be better suited (or the 105/2.5 which has a shorter/faster focus throw, but probably also a little less of resolving power compared to the Tamron 90 last version which has also the optical stabilizer, Zeiss or other more modern lenses).

Anyway, should you want to judge for yourself - here's a gallery where you can see some shots taken with the 100mm and other Zeiss lenses.

IF you have just purchased a D610, for sure such lenses might be ideal partners to match its resolving power, but you might have not enough room for such expensive lenses AND you might then understand their manual focusing is not for you .. Don't underestimate this risk !

It happened with me when I was in love, 10 yrs ago, with the first Ducati Multistrada bike. Horrendous for many, I simply loved it. Then, the day I went for a test ride, I realized it was simply too high for me and I fell like a stupid newbie 10 meters after I had started !!!

Try to find a well-equipped photo shop around you and ask them to try one. The only shop I know in Austria is this one >

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All the best from northern Italy, Dino.
I'm on the NIK side of photography.

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