RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

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Re: RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

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Photoshop Elements automatically corrects distortion with RX100/II/10 RAW files.

Yes, that's a feature of ACR. But you don't have the option not to correct, nor to get wider images.

Agreed, but if I really wanted to not correct distortion I would torture myself by using Sony IDC. You can turn off correction. However the image is so badly distorted without correction I can't possibly think of any reason why you would do it. As far as wider images, just step backwards when you take the shot. My RX100 viewfinder very accurately shows what I really get in a JPEG or RAW conversion with Adobe. My preference is to get what I plan to get.

Yes, agreed about the distortion, but having a wider zoom lens is something people will pay good money for. It's one of the attractions of the RX10, and is arguably more valuable than the longer zoom. So I regard it as one of the free upgrades that come with using RAW, along with higher usable ISO and more dynamic range. Effectively, you get both a lens and a sensor upgrade for no extra cost, and it works with all your cameras. Quite a bargain!

In mm just how much wider is it?

I've been reading up how to calculate the angle, and it seems there are basically two ways:

1. An accurate calculation from scratch, using star shots (ie, objects of a known size and distance).

2. By comparison with an existing lens of known width.

The former is too much effort, but I realised that the latter method is easy, simply by comparing the widths of ooc JPEG and DxO's RAW processed wider images of the same scene (ie, from a RAW+JPEG shot). If we assume that the width of the RX100's lens is a true 28mm equivalent (which may or not be true), then the calculation is easy:

The ooc JPEG has a size of 5472x3648, whereas the DxO wider image is 5934x3648. As the lens sizes are almost the same, you can use a linear calculation, so the width of the enhanced lens is estimated at 28*5472/5934, or 25.82mm.

So, a reasonable estimate is that with DxO's aspect ratio option, the RX100 lens is enhanced from 28mm at its widest to slightly wider than 26mm. I wonder how much bigger the camera would have to be, and how much more it would cost, to get the same enhancement in the lens itself?

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