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Re: Advice for portrait lenses

sapralot wrote:

9ck, many thanks for the valuable information!

9ck wrote:

Be happy that you didn't get spoiled with the 51-point AF-system in the D7100 - the only thing I'm missing since my upgrade - but the D610 is great

Even for me coming from the D90 the clustered AF points of the D610 were something unexpected. But I guess that's the price you have to pay when switching to FX. (Sure, the D800 is better in this respect, but all in all the D610 is perfectly good for me.)

I would not sugest the 50mm as your primary portrait lens. It's a nice focal length for walk around but a bit short for portraits. I would get the 50mm 1.8 G and save the money. Note that the 1.8 has ED glas.

Yeah, you're absolutely right... Maybe I save the money for later. (Or for a wide angle.)

You haven't specified whether it's the D or G version. I have the G and as you I love that focal length on DX (now and then just a tiny bit to long though). Again I would save my money and keep the 85mm 1.8 you have.

I've got the D version. And although the G might be superior something tells me that I should keep it.

The 85/1.8D is one of the few lenses I hate with a passion.  Ugh.  It has nothing.  It's not sharp off center, and it has an unremarkable look.  I even preferred the 85/2 AI over it.

This is where I wuold spend my money. As you, I also have considered my options for this focal length and right now I'm leaning towards the 105mm f/2.8 macro. It should have almost as great bokeh as the 105mm f/2.0 DC, it's cheeper a tad sharper and faster AF and you get the macro as bonus. But if those +++ is of no important for you and you have the money maybe you should get one of the f/2.0 DC's

Money most certainly matters, and I'm not a firm believer in the defocus control of the 105 f/2.0 DC.

Whether you use the DC or don't use it, it's immaterial.  If the two DC lenses didn't have defocus control, they would still be two of the best portrait lenses in history.

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