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MANY thanks for your feedback, it has been of great help to me!

Now I've got appetite for the 105 f/2.5! The more so as these lenses should be available at reasonable prices.

The Zeiss 100/2 is a superb lens without question, but with a high price tag. Not sure if I should risk that investment being short on experience with manual focussing... Am I required to use Live View with this lens (- which I'm reluctant to do)?

Dodi73 wrote:


in order of expense (from low to high)

1) Nikon 105/2.5 (AI is better because of the larger and more accurate focusing ring, AIS has an integrated hood, though)

105/2.5 = wonderful portrait lens, a class apart

105/2.8 (micro?) = not as suited and creamier as the 2.5 and obviously harsher in rendition.

2) Tamron 90 - the right balance between focal length, crispness and bokeh.

3) Nikon 85/1.8 ( I still prefer the Tamron, but it is undoubtedly a good stop faster and even shallower dof while not renouncing to detail)

4) Zeiss 100/2 - A step above everything. (135 is even better but also more expensive and less versatile than the 100)

Side note: 135 on D610 might lose their "charme" probably because no longer able to resolve everything (Zeiss aside) as they were on lower MP cameras. If this is your intention, however, everything is good and others will advice you about it. The only lens I'd consider longer than 100 mm is the 180 f/2.8 ED (AIS I have or AF) but it might fall too long for you.

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All the best from northern Italy, Dino.
I'm on the NIK side of photography.

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