Half full or Half Empty and other.

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Half full or Half Empty and other.

As to photography . I also have not done much fro a while. I did go out yesterday an d try and get some stuff . Well yesterday was one of those days that I should have slept through. I went out early and got to the reserve quite late due to traffic. (8.00) When I got there the was only one person in the hide. Well it must have been one of te worst birding day ever there was zip nothing bugger all worth taking. The other person in the hide was a pro who does weddings and functions to pay for his passion which is wildlife. Any way with no activity we started talk about camera's. I was talking with my hands and swung around and knocked the E-5 + EC14 + 90-250 of the ledge. ( About 1m drop) and it came crashing down on the floor. All I heard other than the ting and crash was "that going to be expensive." . In my panic while I was checking out the lens I knocked the body onto the floor. (Another 1m) Ieeeeesh .

Well the out come was no real damage to any of the equipment . ( A scuff on the grip to balance the other scuffs) The lens hood which is made of machined alloy was out of shape . That thing is tough , I had to use BIG G clamps to get it back into shape again.

I suppose when they call the body a pro body and the lens a pro lens and you pay a lot of money for it that is what you are getting. If it was the bigma I would have had 2 bits of lens.

Well it did not stop there . When I got home I need to format a CF ( I normally format in camera) card and being a IT professional when the system ( Storage Manager) warned that I was going to delete a partition. I mumble. "Do you think I am an idiot." . Well I landed up losing 2TB of pictures ( 600,000 jpgs and raws ) . I am now recovering the drive . I have a backup but its about a month old. Get Data back has found all of it and now its a case of time , the data is on a 6TB freenas device which is dog slow.

So the question is was it a bad day or was it my lucky day . I am a half full type of person so I consider myself lucky to have got out of all this self inflicted strife with minimal damage. It at the end of the day was a lucky day. Also if you have suffered from insomnia and got to sleep a 3 and up at 6 , don't touch anything breakable.

AS to the other . Th Pro I was with was using a 5DMKIII 300 f /2.8 and a 2X converter. He was bitching about the focus as he lost of shoots ( Very small birds very far away ) . He eventually gave up and took the 2X converter off. His bitch then was that he could not get a decent view for tracking , selective focus and comp with the big screen and tiny bird although he could crop later he found some of the stuff OFF especially the stuff surrounded by junk. . He does not use a 7D as he prefers the DR of the 5D and a 1Dx is out of his reach to use for a pat time use . He said after taking tho some canon people there is apparently a 7DMKII in the pipeline which which will be a mini 1XD with similar with slightly less performance that the 1Dx but using a cropped sensor on a very new 20-24MP sensor. I mention this for interest sake as we often have this debate about full frame vs Crop for wild life.

On a sad point and fate when its not your day its not your day. A few weeks ago I saw our cat sitting and staring at the weir at the pool. I went for a swim the next day and went to check the weir as I have to put a brick on the bypass valve to stop a vortex effect. When I opened the weir there as a tiny mouse on the brick which had fallen in the pool and swum to the weir and onto the brick. I Grabbed it and while I was carrying it to the compost heap where I think it lived it jumped off my hand and scampered away. Well I though that it was a good ending. Except that night the cat presented us with one tiny mouse ( Unfortunately dead) . When its not your day it not your day and when its time its time.

So I was not fated to break the camera and or lens yesterday or its a pity the mouse was not built like the E series PRO/SHG lenses and cameras.

I got total junk yesterday , which I will post on the Sunday Bird.

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